4 Summer Makeup Must Haves



I don’t know about you, but when it’s hotter than heck outside with like 110 % humidity, I’m not really into piling on alot of makeup. On days like this, you want to look fresh and add a nice pop of color that actually lasts. Here are 4 must haves in my summer beauty arsenal.

1. Benefit Benetint

This product is a sheer red stain that is made of rose petal extract (so it smells nice too)

Put it on your cheeks for a natural flush or your lips for just a bit of color,I have also been known to mix it in with some lipbalm for a nice tinted gloss. It’s pretty much sweat proof and stays on the entire day!

2. Vibrant Eyeshadow

This particular shadow happens to be from AVON, but it’s one of many different ones that I keep on hand. Adding a nice pop of color to your lids can do wonders to brighten up your whole face, you can also grab an eyeliner brush,wet it and use the shadow as an eyeliner. In hot weather, look for long-lasting budge proof formulas, and don’t forget to set it with a bit of loose powder.

3. BB Cream

Beauty Balms and Color Correction Balms (CC Creams) are gaining in popularity, and I just love them, Why? Well first of all they provide sun protection (great if you are going t be hanging out pool side with the kiddos) The give a nice dewy glow and they banish any reddish, all without feeling heavy.

4. Pretty Lip Stains and Balms

This one is from Drew Barrymores new line FLOWER. I just adore it! It’s a lightly colored balm, perfect for that little hint of color,and the best part?….You hardly know that you have it on!

And there you have your list of 4 Summer Makeup Must Haves 🙂

What about you? Do you pair down your makeup for the summer season? Or do you prefer to go Au Natural?

Let me know below!



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