Parade the Circle 2014

Every year my family and I go to a huge parade in Cleveland called Parade The Circle, it’s a ton of fun and is very similar to Carnival in South America. They have tons of make and take crafts for the kids ( All free) and the huge parade that circles the entire compass of Wade Oval Park. I have been going since I was in college and now we take my son.

I can’t help but feel at home when I am there, amongst artists and eccentrics of all kinds.

I have always adored the University Circle area of Cleveland because aside from the beautiful landscape, you have such wonderful access to the arts down there. You have the Art Museum, The Natural History Museum, Cleveland Institute of Art and the Botanical Gardens, and that is just to name a few favorite places!

One of the main reasons I enjoy coming to the Parade The Circle event, is that it gives me the chance to expose my son to culture, art and music. Even if he never picks up my keen interest in these subjects, I want him to be fully exposed to all the beautiful things that I have experienced.

It makes my heart just burst with pride every time I see him having fun making things or enjoying new music.


I just ADORE this photo lol


Playing soccer with daddy in the park after the parade






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