5 Little Hudsonisms


Sometimes (actually most of the time), the things that come out of my kids mouth, just kills me.

Here are a few gems from this past month.

(while riding in his daddy’s 1965 Impala)

“daddy,your car is so much better than everyone elses car, because everyone elses cars are so little and junky and yours is just so…..SPLENDID”

(When someone at a party asked how he was doing)

” I’m good I’m good, but yeah….I didn’t get much sleep last night…I’m a little tired”

(after telling him that no he could not go into the drug store with me)

“but please mommy? It would really make my day”

(at the grocery store when I asked for a bit of his cookie)

“sure mommy, here, you can have half, (breaks off half and hands it to me) now see mommy I did something nice for you, that was really nice of me”

( when I asked if he went potty)

” yeah….i had a “splosion” I feel SOOO MUCH BETTER”

I just love you to the moon and back little guy 😉


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