Bloggers Block



I will be terribly honest, some days I really don;t know what to write about. Sure there is alot of stuff that happens day to day that I would write about, but I often doubt myself, and think

“oh heck who really cares that my house is a mess  and it frustrates me? Who cares that I went to this place or that place?”

Then I stop myself and think, well… know what? I CARE? When I started this blog in 2007, I didn’t set out to make it a highly read blog, I didn’t want to monetize it or promote it. I just (like alot of people) wanted it to be my own little space, a place to tack up the little things that make me happy, to gush about my husband and son, put gather photos of things that make my heart sing.

Too often I find that I fall into this trap of comparison and trying to impress people. And that’s a shame, because when I cloud my mind up with self doubt and garbage like that, I really hinder my ability to turn this blog into what I always wanted it to be……a big fat memory book.

Look here’s the fact, I know I don’t have alot of readers, and that’s completely cool, because then if I miss a few posts,I shouldn’t feel any guilt. the fact is, if you read this blog regularly , every so often, you may learn something, I may share a recipe or a quick DIY. it may be one that you have already seen, and then again it may not. But what I DO hope, is that when you do read, you realize that I am just like you, flaws and all. I am just a momma and wife, loving life and feeling like I’m failing one minute and on top of the world the next.

If I share something on here, it’s because it effects me and I want YOU …yes YOU to know about it.

If you have a blog and I comment on it, it’s because i genuinely care about your post, not because I am hoping you will come comments on mine.

There is so much competition in blogging and it’s not something i am good at dealing with.

I think Eminem said it best

“I’m not here to save the children, but if one kid out of a hundred million hears it and relates that’s great”

I have had blogging friends that became so overwhelmed with the world of profitable blogging, that they quit and shut their pages down due to the stress of trying to find followers and sponsors ect.

I can’t do that, this blog has carried me through SO MANY milestones in my life. it’s my own little history book.

So when you read, I hope you enjoy his little nook of my world.

I on the other hand am going to chill out on myself and quiet stressing about everything I write.

Now go enjoy your day!!!!

Love Heather





2 thoughts on “Bloggers Block”

  1. Well said. As you might have notice I closed my blog for several reasons, one being the comparison to those successful blogs – mine just is not good. Just felt pointless to keep on writing, Now actually that I have gone back to read my blog I think it is fab! Just as long as I would have bit more time during the day to write it I might consider bringing it back again. But at the moment any “me” time is used on naps – oh the sleep deprivation with a baby, But I do read your blog still even if I havent had chance to comment it. ❤

    1. Awqe thanks dear, I figured that you did, I miss your blog, but I totally understand your reasoning for shutting it down. I thought your blog WAS good, gosh do you know how often I think MY BLOG sucks? We are all too hard on our selves.

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