Dear Little Man



Dear Hudson,

You will be turning five years old in a few weeks and we can hardly believe it, you are growing by leaps and bounds every single day and now we can actually SEE your mind starting to develop.

Last week you tried Lettuce for the first time on your own…and you liked it! Then that evening you climbed the rope wall at the playground all by yourself! and if that wasn’t enough you tried MORE new food on Saturday, practically downing an entire mickey mouse pancake.

Every day with you is an adventure, the words that often time come out of your mouth just crack me up.

Half the time you use words that you have no idea what they mean……(or maybe you do) and that’s what makes it so funny.

Your current favorite color is Red, your favorite juice is “gramma juice” (berry juice) your favorite snacks are Popcorn with sprinkle cheese and “little hats” with cheese (orricchetti pasta) 

You look forward to Smiley Cookies at Eat n park and hanging out with your new wealth of “boy friends”

Girls try to kiss you and instead of kissing them back you say “whoa what are you DOING??”

We put underwear on you before bed, only to find you in the morning buck naked with your tush up in the air, sound asleep.

Your current interests are Cars, cars and more cars with a sprinkling of legos ( that you often leave on the floor for me to step on)

It’s so strange to me to actually have an in depth conversation with you and have you actually respond ( and crack us up)

There are days when you make my head want to explode and other days where my heart just melts with the words that you say.

I love your almost daily gifts of dandelions and honey suckle flowers they are one of the most precious gifts that I have ever received,


I hope you keep the good outlook on life that you have right now, please please please don’t ever lose that buddy.

Your just the best kid ever.

Mommy and Daddy love you a ton.


Can you stop growing up so fast please??

Love You




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