DIY-Whimsey Box Project!


I love to craft, LOVE IT. But since becoming a mom I really have a hard time finding projects that I want to make, and if I do have projects in mind; finding the time to gather supplies and actually MAKE things is ….well nearly impossible.
Enter Whimsey Box! Whimsey box is a monthly craft subscription box. Every month you get one craft based on your profile ( things you like to make ect.)



The best part is, they give you a craft to make, usually something pretty quick and easy

(perfect, I can find a little time for that!)


I mean this just doesn’t get any easier, I literally do NOT have an excuse not to do at least one craft a month!







This months craft is showing us how to make a gold foiled frame. By the way even if you don’t have a Whimsey box subscription, this little craft is so easy to make ,Click on the links below I even linked them to Wimsey boxes shop for easy affordable ordering!

You Will Need

1 wooden frame

1 pair of Rubber Gloves

4 sheets of gold leafing

1 small paintbrush

1 bottle of gold leaf adhesive

1 bottle of clear varnish

1 sponge applicator





Begin by applying the adhesive to the picture frame, in any design you choose, I wanted abstract zebra stripes, but you could do dots or letters or paint the whole thing gold! or paint half of it a nice color and gold leaf the bottom half, Have fun get creative!





Let the adhesive dry for about 30 minutes.




Next, apply the gold leaf to the areas you laid down the adhesive, this part is a bit cumbersome because the gold leaf is verry very very thin.




Once you have laid down your gold leaf where you want it, take your small paint brush and start to rub off the areas where you didn’t put down adhesive, this is also a delicate process so be gentle and take your time.





Next, you will want to apply your clear varnish to protect it. let it dry and……



TA DA!!!!! A simple and elegant frame ( Seen here holding my wedding photo heehe)

The fun thing about Whimsey box, is that you can go on their website and connect with other quick crafters and see what they made, This one is uniquely mine, but I saw some gorgeous Teal and gold ones that other people did and loved it!

Whimsey box also give you ideas on what to do with any scraps that you have left over form your projects,

How awesome is that?

Wanna snag one for yourself?, Sure you do!

You can find subscription information at:

Much Love and crafty goodness




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