Celebrating 7 years!

I am proud to say that June 30th we celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary!

We decided to celebrate in style on the Nautica Queen Dinner Cruise!

I had never been on one before and it was so much fun, aside from getting a little scare when we were told we would be seated with another couple ( you just never know who they are going to sit you with) But luckily, the couple they sat us with had a ton in common with us, they both married on June 30th, they both were republican and both met on match .com, where my hubby and I met! Total crazybusiness!

Here are some photos from our fun four hour cruise on Lake Erie!



We thought it was pretty hilarious how my hair got all windswept to heck while Bills hair remained perfectly in tact the whole time lol


Lights and sky


I’m lovin the sun flare in this picture…..oh, and the man too:)


beautiful sunset


Goofing off …..because we can


Did the wind smudge up my makeup? Only the shadow knows!!!


Love taking photos of random people…..this couple looked happy…poor unsuspecting souls have no idea that they are now floating around in the blogesphere.


I love you Cleveland….I don’t care what people say about you….Your beautiful!


Almost as beautiful as this love right here!




4 thoughts on “Celebrating 7 years!”

  1. Awww, what a lovely photos! And congratulations on your anniversary. Me and hubby are also celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary on 13th July. So you and I have gotten married the same year and also had baby boys the same year!
    You mention about being republican as was the couple you met on the cruise. Is political view an important thing in USA – kind of connecting or separating thing with people? Would love to know bit more about it!

  2. Awww, what a lovely photos. Congrats on your anniversary. I also am celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary on 13th July. Think we both gotten married the same year and also had baby boys the same year 🙂
    Your mention about being republican. I think you have posted about it before also. Is it important what party you support like. i,e is it an icebraker when you meet new people? Are most Americans quite passionate about politics? Would love to know more about it.

    And it is Mama D (www.tuhlaajatytonpaluu.blogspot.co.uk). WordPress is not letting me post my comments under it anymore! Annoying.

    1. Well I am actually not republican I am part of the independent party,but my Husband is Democrat. Yeah unfortunately it is a huge deal in the US. I try not to make a big deal about it but my husband is all about it. So it was a relief that the people that sat with us were republican, because that way I wouldn’t have to worry about any political arguments over dinner lol

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