How did five years go by so fast?



This past weekend we celebrated my sons 5th birthday. 5th!! holy cow how did he grow up so fast???

He wanted a LEGO party, and I happily delivered 😉

Much to my chagrin, it is almost impossible to find any LEGO related decorations, I mean I thought that with the LEGO Movie coming out that there would be SOMETHING, but nope nadda…IMG_8891



So I had to dig into my creative reserve and make everything by hand. One look at Pinterest and I realized I was in real good company along with many other parents who had to make everything.

Sometimes I really don’t know what I would do without you pintetrest……serrrrriously.


I decided on a menu of  Hot dogs,Pizza, bread-sticks ( the little mans fave) “LEGO Wheel” pasta salad,Watermelon slices and cut up veggies and dip.

Dessert was homemade cupcakes with little lego candies on top.


I made the pinata myself out of two old Avon boxes.


For games we played “pin the head on the LEGO man” and “LEGO Toss”.


Everyone had such a good time especially my little dude, which of course made the whole thing all worth while.




Seriously…..these kids…so stinking cute


         IMG_8921   Someone also got a new “big boy bike” thanks to daddy and grandma and grandpa 🙂

Hudson, I can’t wait to see all the cool things that you do this year, happy birthday Porkchop 🙂


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