Kids- When it comes to fun, let them lead!



This past weekend we took my son to Cedar Point, we take him every year and every year it is a mixture of both fun and frustration, he is always so excited to go to the next ride, not real happy about waiting in line (though at 5 yrs old he IS getting better) and at some point in the day we can generally count on at least one minor emotional breakdown, but we always seem to have a great time none the less.


This year it was raining on and off, not heavy rain, just that consistent, annoying spritzing rain. We tried not to let it hinder our fun. After eating lunch, we started to get rained on again, I was more annoyed than anyone by this point, and my son wanted to go dance around in the water splash pad, but being that it was only 75 degrees and cloudy and raining, I said no, he protested and finally he just took his shoes off and walked right into the water, my husband and I resigned and just sat down in the rain, waiting for him to run back and whine that it was too cold. But then something nuts happened…..we looked up and he was laughing and dancing in the rain and the water, and before you know it, he was soaked, grinning ear to ear dancing and playing away.



I looked at my husband and said “you know, this right here, this is worth it, look how much fun he is having?” We agreed that we should let him decide what would be fun the rest of the day,how often do we NOT try to control our children? How often do we tell them “No” on an average daily basis? or “you can’t do that”?

Once we started letting our son control the fun, we ALL had a better time because HE was having such a good time, and it’s stuff like that that make my heart super happy 😉



What about you? How often have you just let your child dictate what they think is fun?


Try it sometime, and you might find out just how refreshing it can be!


(no pictures please mom….I’m pooped out)

By the way, we had SO MUCH fun, we closed down the park!

We weren’t even out of the parking lot before this kiddo was fast asleep!

Mission FUN Accomplished!





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