Birthday Wish List- 36 year Edition

A few gifts that can soften the blow of my 36th birthday


Omg, I’m going to be 36 next Tuesday, seriously when did I become and adult?? I got some mixed feelings on turning 36 (more on that later)

I thought it might be fun to do a small wish list, no this is not that prettied up perfectly-designed-in-photoshop-high-end list. This is the real deal, mommy bday wish list. I gotta bring it down to earth because that how I roll.
Would I love a new Michael Kors Hamilton Bag? Suuurrrrre, a new Ipad? Heck yeah….but I know that finances aren’t anywhere near letting that happen, so lets focus on “attainable”goals for now, shall we? In no particular order:

1. Bissel Spot Bot Carpet Cleaner

Ok I know what your thinking, “a carpet cleaner for your bday? Really?”  Well yeah, with a five year old kiddo and a 98 lb super mutt I’m DEAD NUTS serious. I actually LIKE cleaning the carpet and furniture. A couple of years ago I asked for new baking pans, people thought I was nuts, but I was beyond excited, cant help it, its the domestic goddess in me you know 😉


2. Aerial Yoga Classes

there is an Aerial yoga center that opened up recently in my neighborhood, and I have been itching to take the classes, they aren’t real real expensive but I think receiving a class as a gift might make me more likely to get out and just go already, it looks like so much fun and it is excellent for people with back issues!



3. Starbucks Gift Card

Seriously when I get one of these I get all tingly inside, I love Starbucks, LOVE IT. I could probably drink my weight in green tea frappucinos and iced coffees if given the chance.



4. Sterling Silver Blue Luxe Ring from AVON

I saw this in my demo book recently and fell in love, actually it has matching earrings and a necklace with it, I am such a sucker for blue and silver, this ring would quickly become a favorite!


….and well, that’s it!! I already have alot of what I need, LOVE,FAMILY, HEALTH (sort of…depends of how you look at it),GREAT JOB, I cant ask for much more 🙂


But sometimes it’s nice to receive little things your lusting after to lessen the blow of a birthday.

…you know…retail therapy if you will…..






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