5 Ways To Use A French Press

TAGIf you’ve never used a French Press to make coffee, you really don’t know what your missing. This near ancient way of brewing coffee, has been around for ages, but my husband and I were just introduced to it a few years ago.

Using a French Press to brew coffee produces a Delicious,rich unbelievably smooth cup of Joe, and for someone prone to acid re flux, such as myself, brewing coffee this way is a LIFE SAVER. But what if your not a coffee drinker?…No problem there, I have a few more reasons that you NEED a French Press in your kitchen….or at least a reason to use the one you have now.

1. To brew Coffee (Obviously)

It’s the easiest thing ever, the first thing you will want to do is get yourself some fresh ground coffe, make sure to set it on super coarse grind or sometimes they even have a little photo of a french press on the grinding machine.

Put about three table spoons or more (depending on your taste) of the ground coffee into the bottom of the glass carafe, now fill it with hot water. Next, put the lid on tip with the plunger. Let the coffee sit for a few minutes then slowly press the plunger down.

What results, is a smooth, non-acidic brew.

2. To Brew tea

French presses are excellent for brewing loose tea leaves, just follow the same protocol that you would for brewing coffee, make sure to let the tea steep for the recommended amount of time before pushing down the plunger, and yes this works on ALL teas, even herbal.

3. Froth Milk/Whip Cream

Using a French Press to froth milk is a genius idea and so easy to do,you can also make a “Whipped Cream” although it doesn’t set up quite as nice as if you used a whisk or beaters, it could help in a pinch. Find out more about that, HERE

4. Infuse Broth with Herbs

Give your chicken or veggie soup a little more spice, put loose spices in the bottom of the carafe, pour hot broth over it, let it sit then push down the plunger for perfectly seasoned broth.

5. Mash Frozen thawed fruits or cooked veggies

This comes in handy for many things, including making baby food, fruit sauces, quick jams ect.

Who knew there were so many uses for such a simple age old product?


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I just love seeing all the little things in daily life that makes you all happy 🙂

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