Why Tori Amos is so important to me



For as long as I can remember I have loved Tori Amos, I first saw her on MTV2 when I was about 12. Her video “Silent all these years” cam eon and I was mesmerized, the lyrics, the piano and lets not forget that red hair! I was hooked I had to have her album!

After bugging my parents for weeks to take me to Sam Goody, I was able to scrounge up enough allowance to purchase her first Album “Little Earthquakes”

I remember putting the cassette tape into my parents stereo and laying on the dining room floor listening for hours. This music was different from music I had experienced before, THIS music…gave me chills, every time I would listen the hair on my arms would stand on end..Listening to her music wasn’t just passive listening, it was a whole emotional experience to me.

Thats pretty much the way all her songs made me feel over the years, I would spend an entire evening in my bedroom with my headphones on, listening to a new album, studying the liner notes, reading every word, memorizing lyrics, trying to figure out what they all meant.

Tori has a way of telling stories with her music, much of those stories relate to her own personal experience, she once said in an interview that she wanted her listeners “to develop their own meaning to the lyrics”. And that is just what I did.

Her albums got me through rough romances and heartache, as well as life challenges, her music was my religion.

In college I made a 12 month wall calendar based on her image, I painted a pair of jeans with her likeness (a red haired mermaid down the leg)

I would run to my mother countless times, and read her a lyric or a song that affected me personally. Tori was like my therapy. I could relate to every single word.

when my mother passed away in 2010 it was this that got me through:



I have went to see her shows every single chance I got over the years, last night I was able to find tickets, after previously being unable to, my neighbor and I were SO EXCITED!!

The venue was small and intimate,she played alot of her older songs and some new ones, including my very favorite one “Cooling”.

IMG_9414Our seats were actually closer than they appear here (cameras have a funny way of making things look farther)

I sang every song until my voice was gone.

I held my hand over my heart……I teared up…..and I felt pure joy last night.





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