Soaking up the last bit’s of summer


Boy it sure doesn’t seem like summer has been around very long this year :/. I mean it is usually short to begin with, but this year with all the cool weather, rain and cloudy days,It seems to have been ULTRA short.

This weekend we had nothing planned (A rarity believe me) so we decided to take the little one out to Mapleside Farms, a huge apple orchard and working farm, with beautiful rolling hills and a kids area. They most recently added a jump pad and a HUGE play ground.

We had to pay to get my son on the jump pad, but once we found out that I didn’t have to pay to jump with him, I was SUPER EXCITED…….


My excitement quickly changed to pure fear once I got on the darn thing lol. I mean just look at how stiff I am in this photo LOL.

But jumping on it made me realize something,It took alot of work for me to relax enough on it to let myself go higher and higher, WHEN DID I STOP HAVING FUN IN LIFE?

Jeese I used to LOVE trampolines, when did I become so cautious??? I look over and my son is having fun flipping around, landing on his rear and jumping high, meanwhile yours truly was in the stiff position that you see above.

After mentioning this to a friend, they brought up a good point, “you couldn’t relax because you as an adult were thinking about all the ways you could get hurt, and all the things that could go wrong”

And you know what, he was right! The whole time I’m jumping up there I’m thinking “wow what is I fall and break a toe,what if I fall period??”

That’s just really sad lol, I attempted to hop on and jump higher about two more times until I gave up.


Don’t get me wrong I Had a BLAST, just not as much fun as I would have if I could have let go of those little fears.

I spent the rest of the afternoon climbing the huge pirate ship tree house and going down the mega slide made out of a massive corrugated plastic tube and old tractor tires.
DSC_0265…oh yeah….and did I mention Ice Cream??? Bill had a strawberry rootbeer float and I dug into a heavenly chocolate peanutbutter cup cone.


 …..and then of course back to jumping 🙂

We left tired and sweaty, and so glad to have spent a family afternoon together 😉

Hope your weekend was delightful!




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