DIY Faux Agate necklace, With Whimsey Box!

Hi Kids!
today I am going to show you how to make the easiest faux agate necklace known to man.
This project came to me via Whimsey Box. if you have not tried Whimsey box yet, it is certainly on my list of worthwhile monthly subscriptions.

For a small monthly fee, you get an assigned project, complete with directions and ALL YOUR SUPPLIES!! You can find out more at

With that being said; lets get down to business shall we?

Here is what you will need:
1 White Sculpey oven bake clay
1 Purple or other vibrant color Sculpey clay
1 Tube of Jewelry Glue ( I love Pro-Bond or E6000)
1 Razor blade or clay knife
1 Long silver chain
1 Large bail
Crushed Glass Glitter (preferably a clear type of glitter or iridescent)
And an Oven

Now What:

Pinch off a small corner of white clay and a small corner of purple clay, massage them until soft a pliable, smoosh them twist them roll them ect.

Once pliable, start incorporating the two colors together, roll into a ball, knead them, (rolling the clay into a long snake and then twisting it really helps mix the two colors, mix well as this will be your “midtone” .

Next take another small ball of purple and a small ball of white clay and mix them with the midtone clay. Until you get the blended look of your choice.

Then lay the clay out on wax paper and roll it flat to 1/4″ thick.

Use the razor to trim down the sides and create a rectangular piece. Once you have a nice clean even rectangle,take a pen or a skewer and make the bottom of the rectangle jagged looking by pushing the clay up in various areas.

Bake the pendant according to package directions located on the side of your sculpey clay.

Once done, let it cool, then apply jewelry glue to the bottom and sprinkle glass glitter on, or pour the glass glitter in a cup and dip your glued up piece of clay in it ( I found this easier)

let dry for 24 hours

Next, apply the bail to the back with a bit of jewelry glue.

let that dry for at least 8 hours.


There you have it! I faux agate pendant! the perfect addition to a black top or white top!
If you would like to purchase supplies, please check below for everything you need!!

The only thing you will not find here is the German Glass Glitter that I used, but really you can use any clear or iridescent glitter found in craft stores 

1 White Sculpey oven bake clay
1 Purple or other vibrant color Sculpey clay
1 Tube of Jewelry Glue ( I love Pro-Bond or E6000)
1 Razor blade or clay knife
1 Long silver chain
Large bail

Now go make something!!!!




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