23 Ways to Beat Depression

With the recent passing of the beloved Robin Williams shedding new light on depression. I thought I would step in with this somewhat humorous, yet genuinely helpful list for getting yourself out of a depression flare up.

Coming from someone who struggles with depression, I know it’s not necessarily a laughing matter. But sometimes it helps to use humor to pull you out of those occasional dark spots that pop up from time to time.

Because no matter how good you are at controlling your depression, you are never really “cured”.

It’s a mental illness that needs to be tended to regularly, feed your body good nourishing foods, exercise and just take care of you 🙂 It really helps to lessen the sting.

23 Ways to Beat Depression

1. Don’t Listen to Bob Dylan

2. Drink coffee ( Lots of coffee)



4.Go for a walk

5. Hang Fairy Lights around the House

6. Bake something………Then eat it………all


7.Paint your sadness

giphy (1)

8. Cry as much as you need to

giphy (3)

9.Dare your friends to make you laugh

10. Bust out some sweet yoga moves


11. Go to a bakery or restaurant and order the most ridiculous dessert that you can think of.

12. Take a nap

13. That girl/guy in your office who does nothing but bi*** and complain…..WALK AWAY FROM THEM

giphy (2)


15. Sing Gangster Rap LOUD, complete with body language


16. Go to a comedy club or watch a movie that always makes you laugh.

17.Walk up to your husband, child, partner ect, and spontaneously start a zerbert war.

18. Give ( your time,art, help often times helping others make YOU happy)

19. Temporarily dye your hair a funky color

20. LOVE yourself ( you take that how you want mmmkayy?)

21. Cook up a new recipe and if it’s good……..eat it all!!!!!!!!

giphy (4)

22. Breathe, be still and realize that it’s only for the day, tomorrow is a new day…with new hopes

23. If all else fails…..GO TO BED….tomorrow is a new day 🙂

giphy (5)


Because remember, life isn’t always going to make you feel like this



Especially when you have depression, but in the end,it’s how well you manage it that counts, and lets be honest, some days, none of these will work, and that’s ok, its ok to have bad days,just breathe, talk to someone if needed and be good to yourself. Sometimes, it’s all that you can do.

And please for the sanity of your friends and family…… don’t forget to take your meds…..

giphy (6)




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