Fitness and Motherhood

When your a busy working mom, how do you find time for fitness?


As far back as I can remember, i have wanted to be fit, or rather, fitness was always a big thing with me. Heart disease runs in the family, and my father had a heart attack at 33 and quadruple bypass at 40. So the older that I get the more petrified I get.

I don’t exercise as I should, I do yoga as time allows, but I think that’s my main problem TIME, where the hell do I find the time?


I bought the PIYO DVD recently, because I love YOGA and I thought it would be a good program to help strengthen my core.

But I can’t find time to actually DO IT, I work 9-6 full time, then come home and tend to the husband and little guy, and honestly, between housework and homework, I am lucky if I am in bed before midnight! Sometimes I can squeeze in some late night yoga before bed, but nothing too vigorous. I laugh when people say,” well you need to get up earlier before everyone else and work out” and honestly I have tried, and for some people it may be easy, but I then remembered that I have Fibomayalgia,and I am pretty useless in the morning,, I am super stiff and about as flexible as a 2×4!

I tried becoming a gym rat for a bit on my lunch hour,but that left me sweaty and exhausted when I went back to work (isn’t exercise supposed to make you feel BETTER?)

The thing I have learned over the years, is that fitness isn’t a one size fits all type of thing,we all have different schedules and lives and yes we should “take time for ourselves” as moms we OWE it to our selves, but it’s no ones right to say WHEN that time should be, 

I have read these articles by “FIT MOMS” who find time in their day to bust out 1 hour workouts, and then tell me how I can “totally” work it in to my day if I try. Really??? Well good for you sweetie but you are either A. A stay at home mom with a little more time to play with or B. a working mom who is spending an hour at the gym when she could be spending it with her kids.

Just saying.

For example, the time I DO have to myself, is usually at night after the little guy is in bed and the husband is chilling out watching tv, and you know what i want to do then?? Slip into a bubble bath with a magazine and zone out, not bust out a 30 minute workout!

Still i feel like I am always searching for a way to stay fit that involves my family,whether that be actively playing at the playground or walking to close places with the kiddo and hubby instead of driving. And maybe that’s the ticket to staying fit with a busy schedule.Just fitting it in in little bursts instead of making commitments to get up early every morning and workout to a DVD.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go eat my lunch, which involves a piece of french silk pie my dad made me, and after I eat ti, I am going to go for a 30 minute walk around the mall on my lunch break 🙂


What about you? Do you struggle with finding time for fitness??




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