SO much in three days



OMG, so sorry I have been a bit absent round here, life got crazy this past weekend and ugh ….I’m just spent…
Saturday we had a double bday party to attend, which went well but it was sooooo hot out,
Still a good time was had by all, until I started feeling sick to my stomach from the heat and lightheaded.


you know it’s about to get real when batman gets hung by his neck


lil batmen 🙂

I went home to lay down for a bit….

Then got back up and went to ANOTHER party, this time a BBQ at a friends house, ended up doing a shot of fireball whiskey and chasing it with ever clear….Dumb dumb dumb……I barely drink. So I don’t know where I got the notion that I could handle all that, because I couldn’t, and ended up getting nasty indigestion and sweating profusely.

Sunday we got alot of things done around the house, I scrubbed the kitchen floor, the husband stripped and repainted the porch…..around 5:30 my husband comes to me complaining of bad back pain and wants me to take him to the er……so off we go….

Ended up being a major muscle pull in his back, we headed home about 11:30pm and gorge on Taco bell then fell asleep.

Monday rolls along and I wake up feeling… a bit….
we had company coming over that day so I toughed it out.
Had a bunch of people over and cooked out on the grill, by the time everyone left I was really starting to feel icky, run down and just blah.

Slept like poop Monday night, woke up Tuesday morning with a blatantly apparent Urinary tract infection,sent the kid off to school then hightailed it to the emergency clinic before work.Got antibiotics and some other pill that made me sick to my stomach….went to work….came home at 6 and immediately jumped in a new Chevy Impala that my husband was renting while his car was in the shop.


I think I liked it 😉

I have been wanting one of these new impalas,they are WAY sharp! He let me drive it back to the dealership……and this is where things just got better…that car was way cool! We talked a bit with the dealer, and if we can work something out, we might buy one 🙂 We shall see.

So in short, here I am Wed. morning, sitting at my desk EXHAUSTED.

All this is the reason that I have not blogged lately,writing that all down made me see how crazy life gets at times….sheesh no wonder I’m tired!
Hope your holiday weekend was better!




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