This past weekend we had our annual end of summer party.This party started 9-10 years ago…..( the husband and I are still debating on how long it has been) as a housewarming party when we first moved in. People loved it so much, we just kept it going. This year we had close to 45 people or so, which was a cut form last year!

We had such a great group of people come out, and hardly ANY food was left!

After a hectic year, this party was the perfect time to sit by the fire with friends old and new and just unwind.

And though alcohol was plentiful, only a few left looking like this:

giphy (1)


Whats a party without a Bonfire!?




The party always ends up in our finished garage


This proved to be a hit of the night, my very own “Hillbilly Punch”

(I’m part hillbilly so I can use that term lol )

1 pack of blue Kool-Aid

1 Can of frozen lemonade concentrate

4 cups of water

1/4 bottle of rum

a little more than half a jar of Black Berry Moonshine

Goes down smooth…..But will kick your butt!


Couldn’t wait for me to cut up that watermelon, and would have eaten it THAT way if he could.

IMG_9823 IMG_9822

I miss this girl so much, my friend Gretchen, we worked together for many years

and we were even pregnant at the same time!

Good bad sad….this girl has been there though it all!!!

Ahhhh another successful party in the books!

Hope your weekend was awesome!





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