Fall Wardrobe Rework

Ahhhhh the Fall season is upon is dear readers:)

Time to pull out those tights and boots and light scarves!

This year I have to pull back on my spending for the season, I am planning on buying a new car in summer, and really need to concentrate on padding my bank account.

So this year I decided to invest in a few basic pieces that I can integrate with what I already own.

So here is my plan:

-Find style that I love

– Invest in good quality basic pieces

– Mix in old with new

Here are some fall looks I am currently wanting to recreate this season

IMG_9830 IMG_9831 IMG_9832 IMG_9833 IMG_9834 IMG_9838

The good thing is I have alot of the pieces needed to make these outfits 🙂

What I AM still in need of is:

-Big oversized pullover

-Chambray Shirt (these are just so darn versatile!)

-Skinny Jeans

-Crisp white button down

– Thin short sleeved colored sweater

-Black and Grey Turtle necks

These pieces shouldn’t break my budget 🙂

I do not usually post outfits on this blog, because I am not really a “style blog” but you may see me post a few items here and there if they look particularly cute 🙂

…Ready…..set……Lets get dressed for fall!!!!






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