Heart Breaks -Break Ins and Joy Thiefs


Pretty Much How we are left feeling after the week we’ve had

Oh my gosh, what a week this has been.

Monday started off rough with Hudson having a bad day at school

(so bad I got a letter from the teacher that he had been mouthing off)

This little guy is having the absolute roughest time transitioning to school full time.

Most of the week he came home and was depressed, wouldn’t eat his dinner, and wanted to go to bed a whole hour earlier than usual ( not exactly a HORRIBLE thing) ect.

Most mornings this past week have been spent talking him down from a crying fit.

Wed. he behaved very well in school so my husband decided to take him bowling after school, he bowled one game then complained of a tummy ache, on the way home he told my Husband tearfully, that he didn’t want to go to heaven???? and just started bawling uncontrollably.

We are not sure what sparked that outburst, but over the past year or so we did lose a few friends and family close to us.

I have explained many times that Grandma Judy (my mother) and “GG” my grandmother are in heaven, or “up in the sky” he often stops and looks at the night sky and says hello to them. But I know he still doesn’t really understand why someone is here one day and not the next.

My husband and I figured out that this poor kid is going through so many emotional growing pains the past couple of months,things are bound to come up out of the blue and present themselves in the form of tears and confusion.

The week slowly got a bit better, and yesterday Hudson had a GREAT DAY at school. (turns out he met a girl on the play ground named Claire 😉

I decided to take him to the park last night after dinner.

But on the way to the park, I received a call from my dad who is on vacation.  Someone broke into his house……in broad daylight!!!! They broke into the garage, grabbed a ladder, climbed up , cut the screen, and climbed through a window that was left cracked open.

It is TERRIFYING to know that someone other than your relatives were in your childhood home.

We called and had the police escort us in so that I could check out the damage.

They only stole the TV and the DVD Player. Thankfully.

The police officer was really great explaining where they dusted for fingerprints and evidence that they found. He even gave Hudson a trading card of his K-9 partner.

Hudson was freaked out the whole time we were at my dads house.

He kept saying he was scared the bad guys would come back.

We continually explained that everything was ok now. but he wouldn’t hear of it, so i finished up securing the house and left.

When we got back home, he refused to sleep in his bed, thinking that bad guys would get him. This poor kid, like he didn’t already have enough emotions to work through, now this???

Luckily after a tossing and turning night of him sleeping in our bed, he was in a good mood today.We have no set plans for this weekend aside from an Art Show,a crock pot of chicken dumpling soup, and PLENTY of family time!!

Lord knows we need some down time.




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