Our Typical Weekend

Come the weekend, you can almost always bet that we have something or many things going on. But we still like to start and end our weekends with some family time, and routine things that we do, here is a glimpse:


We usually go one of three different places for breakfast on Saturday, This sat it was to visit out friends at Southeast Harley Davidson, they have a diner inside of the dealership, so we love to go there, eat and visit for a bit.


Hudson hanging out at the service desk while we visit, they love to give him hugs and stickers when he comes out πŸ™‚

We had some time before we went grocery shopping, so him and I built a super cool track for his hot-wheels, and must have played with it for like 2 hours.


The little guy always finds a way to keep us entertained when we go grocery shopping lol


After shopping, I cam home and made fried Zucchini and chicken mmmmmmm


The rest of Saturday was spent running errands and looking at the ferrets at the pet store.

Sunday was our city’s annual Arts Fest, one f my most fave things to do every year :)))

This year Hudson was really into it, and wanted to make ALL the kids crafts! And that of course made me SO happy.


There is this Bed and Breakfast on the way to the Art Festival, Hudson ALWAYS has to walk on the old sandstone wall πŸ™‚


Living near Baldwin Wallace College has it’s perks, there is always plenty of Dance and Performing arts students doing performance art! I could watch it all day.


The little guy and I making a chalk drawing


Break dancers in the park!

DSC_0315 DSC_0312Β  Making “Jelly Fish” Crafts


More glue momma?

DSC_0301 DSC_0298

Making me a bracelet πŸ™‚


Making “Bubble Art”


When we got home, the lil man went for a quick ride around the block on daddys motorcycle.


Finished Sunday off at the bowling alley, cheering on daddy and his team Homans Heros

We usually bowl a few games too…..and Hudson ALWAYS kicks my butt lol


Hope your weekend was good!Β 


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