What I’m up to- Fall Edition


Gosh I love fall, and it’s funny because just a few short years ago I dreaded it, absolutely hated it ( I’m a summer baby)

But over the years I have THROWN myself into fall festivities and you know what I started to really like it.

The cooler weather, the leaves changing, cool sunny days,Pumpkin Spiced EVERYTHING, the house smells AMAZING! This time of year, plus you can always bet i am cooking or baking something special on the weekends.

And this year I bought us a leaf blower, WOOHOOO NEW TOY!!!

Here what I have been up to as we head into fall:

Drinking: Pumpkin Spiced Anything

Listening to: Clean Bandit (kind of obsessed with them lately) and Megan Trainors new Album

Exploring: Early Morning Kundalini

Cooking: Soups, stews and roasted root veggies!

Loving: Cozying up on the couch with the family , turning off all the lights and lighting all the fall candles

Wearing: My super comfy new boots from Earth Origins

Rocking: Daily Lipsticks and Nail Polishes ( I have a ton but have a bad habit of buying MORE and not using what I have) two of my fave colors this season are Rimmels Heather Shimmer and Mary Kay Dusty Rose and AVON Ultra Color in Vamp

Playing With: This way cool new health app I found called Argus. it measures your liquid intake, food, exercise and even connects to another free app that measures how well you sleep. I’m a major data NERD and this app has it all, I love to see all the cool data about myself lol. Seriously TRY IT!!

Feeling: really good about my life lately, I feel like I’m entering a good period.

Looking Forward To: our yearly trip to Amish Country, to stock up on , candles, soup bases and spices!


Lots of Kisses and Pumpkin Flavored EVERYTHING!!!



2 thoughts on “What I’m up to- Fall Edition”

  1. Big fan of fall myself. I am gathering already some Halloween stuff together as I left most of my decorations back to UK and in Finland it is still quite non-excistant celebration. Btw, I have changed my blog address – getting slowly back to blogging. It is in Finnish (hopefully internet translates it automatically) but I will be writing also in English soon. Wishing you wonderful autumn 🙂

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