The funny side of depression

In regards to my depression, I have bad days now and then that come from out of no where and simply have no cause or trigger. those are real rough days. Then I have days where I am depressed simply because I forgot to take my Zoloft.

In this case I forgot to take it for TWO DAYS, without realizing it, until I woke up the other morning and was in a FOWL mood. I just couldn’t figure out why the hell my mood was so aweful, I slept well, I had fun night before, why did I feel like ripping someones face off??

I drove to work with this horrible mood. Once I got inside I put my stuff down at my desk and walked into the break room to put my lunch in the fridge…..when I saw them…… DONUTS…..Someone left a box of donuts sitting on the counter in the break room. My reaction was something similar to this:


I saw these tasty morsels, and IMEDITALEY¬†began to cry……..CRY…….OVER DONUTS!!!

it then occurred to me that I must have forgotten to take my Depression meds……because clearly I mean…..who gets emotional over donuts?? ( ok so sometimes I do get emotional over baked goods, but not to the point were I am actually weeping in their presence)

When i got back to my desk (donut in hand) I checked my purse and what would ya know…..I had misses TWO doses of my pills.

So I guess you could say that in a way, donuts saved me today…..yes they did.





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