Halloween- Lets DO THIS


Wow look at that! October already! You know, I was never really a fan of Halloween, but the older I I got the more it kind of grew on me 🙂

I mean who DOESN’T like pretending to be someone else for a day?

Here are a few ideas and goodies for ya to get you started into the Halloween season!

Costume Ideas:

I’m stuck between two costume ideas for this year

The Birds movie poster Alfred Hitchcock coolest-hitchcock-costume-tippy-from-the-birds-21303208

Tippi Hedren in The Birds ( such a great idea)

or Los Muertos Sugar Skull


Both would be so much fun to do!!

The little man wants to be either a Ghost


Or a Television set, but has not made his final decision on that yet. I think I will take him tot he costume store this Friday and see if anything strikes his fancy.

Decor DIY


These puff pant decorated pumpkins are super cool! Learn how to make you own here


If I don’t make these this year I will never forgive myself, how cute are these???


These are pretty much the cutest little pumpkin scaries ever!! How easy!!!

Good Eats


Take one look at Kitchen Vistas Recipe for Pumpkin pull apart bread and tell me you don’t want to make it, because if you don’t then YOU SIR are a liar.

So many fun things to do this month!!!Enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Halloween- Lets DO THIS”

  1. Oh man, my blogger page has not updated that u have new posts here. So much to catch up!. I loooove October and Halloween. The sugarskull costume would be great. I’ve been thinking about witch as my little one had a cat outfit 🙂

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