Fall Reading


I don’t read as often as I’d like to ūüė¶ But come fall I just really get this hankering to tuck into a good book. This Fall and Winter I am trying to read at least three good books this Fall/Winter

Here is what I currently have on tap to read ( haven’t found a third one yet)


When I DO read I prefer Biographies and first hand accounts generally, I am also intrigued by odd/eclectic people.

I first read about Huguette Clark on CNN right before she passed away, they were talking about her numerous empty mansions around the world. She is the Heiress of a copper tycoon, only married once for a short time, then became a recluse, she owned many mansions but chose to live in a hospital room for most of her life. yet she still kept all the mansions fully staffed and clean and in working order until the day of her death, yet never visited them. ¬†I love to read about reclusive people, it’s interesting to me to try to figure out what goes on in their minds.


Lena Dunham, the Director of Girls and girlfriend of  Singer Jack Antoff, writes about her struggles being a different kind of girl, about not fitting in and her struggles and triumphs, in a very self depreciating humorous way. I think I am really going to identify with this book, because she sounds alot like me growing up.

I have yet to decide on a third one lol

How about you? Any great reads that you are diving into?




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