Current Obsession: Short hair!

Once you hack, you don’t go back!

That’s what I was originally told when I cut my hair…..and I hate to say it but they were right.

I love my short hair LOVE IT, it can wear earrings and people can actually SEE THEM, getting ready is a breeze, and i can actually do more with my hair now that I could when it was long!

I am in dire need of a trim this Saturday and am thinking about the photos below as different options.:)


Your’s truly, with hair in severe need of a trim ;0


Love the long and short sides of this sultry style

IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0103 IMG_0104 IMG_0105

I think the color and short side with long sexy bangs is what intrigues me about this cut and the ability to Faux Hawk it


I really love a nice clean neck line with a well shaped angle like seen here


This may be my compromise,Nice and clean on one side but with the ear sightly covered, and long on the other side.


Beautiful way to style for a night out!



2 thoughts on “Current Obsession: Short hair!”

  1. I’ve got mohawk haircut now! Been wanting it for so long and finally had it cut several weeks ago and absolutely loving it. Saves me 15 minutes every morning as don’t have to go through straightening my hair anymore. And it also has given back little bit of that rock-style which I lost in the last few years.

  2. some of these looks are great.. love the first one in black.
    i would never have the courage.. the only time i chopped off my hair was right after i got married and i got way too many comparisons to my mom who also has short hair.. and it kinda turned me off it for now at least.

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