This may become an issue……


So the other night, I asked Hudson to go up stairs and get ready for bed.”Ok mommy, I just have to go potty first then I will get my Pajamas on and brush my teeth”. So he goes up stairs……….and we wait…….and wait.,,,,,,,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand wait. 15 minutes later i yell up the stairs “hey buddy how ya doing?” I hear “um, fine, still going potty” I waited a few more minutes and asked again and heard nothing. When you have a young one “nothing”= Something.

So I walked up stairs and found this:

Yep…thats my kid…half butt nekkid on the bathroom floor….playing angry birds on my phone.

Clearly he is taking after his father!

Although I have yet to find my husband lying on the floor half naked playing angry birds…..but you know….at this point, nothing would surprise me.



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