This is how we ‘Bowl’


My son ADORES bowling, my husband is a very good avid bowler himself, me? eh not so much, I do enjoy playing it, but I don’t really care for competing.

Every Sunday when my husband Bowls, I take my son up to bowl a few games as well, and I have to say the kid is pretty damn good!
He averages at about 90-100, for a five year old, that’s not too bad.

He especially loves to do victory dances when he makes strikes….the kids got moves, I gotta give him that!

How We Bowl from Heather Joie on Vimeo.

This little family of ours has a history of bowling, marrying Bill , it was always pretty much assumed that would be the case:

Hudson Bowling his first game at the tender age of 1


Bowling at Cedar point at age 3

Bowling at age four at Bills 40th Bday party
And of course…..bowling with friends :)( this is not even HALF of the friends we have who love bowling:)


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