10 Natural Tips for Cold Weather Comfort


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1. Use natural based moisturizers:

Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil ECT. Natural moisturizers really help skin retain moisture. Even natural lotions form companies like Jason and Natures Gate, work tremendously better than commercial brands laced with icky chemicals.

In this case you really get what you pay for. make sure to get in between your toes and any other little areas where dry spots happen.

2. Find a great emollient rich lip balm and reapply often:

One of the things I HATE to deal with in colder weather is chapped dry lips. but brands like Carmex,Chapstick, and Blistex, actually make chapped lips WORSE.Most of them just offer surface level protection, you need something that really penetrates deep, for lasting comfort. Try melting some coconut oil, letting it cool, add some coconut or vanilla or mint essential oils and BAM you have homemade lip balm.

If your not the DIY type, look for lip balms that do not contain Petroleum and are paraben and phalate free, these products are gentler on the skin and offer deeper moisturization.

3. Use a neti pot or saline nasal spray:

The cooler drier air, hot showers and blasting heaters that keep us so comfy during these months, also tend to dry out the mucus membranes in our nose.

To remedy that, I highly recommend using a saline solution based nasal spray or a Neti Pot a few times a day, the neti pots help to flush out unwanted bacteria, and make the nasal passages more comfy. I like to do mine first thing in the morning and then periodically through the day. Try it!! it makes breathing SO MUCH EASIER.

4. Invest in good warm socks:

When I was little I hated socks, you couldn’t keep them on my feet,I preferred bare feet anyday (blame the hillbilly in me) My son however,couldn’t fall asleep without socks on his feet, he always needed his feet covered, even as a weeeeeeee little newborn. ( ok I am now lucky if I can keep socks on the kid AT ALL)

Over the years I realized how comfy socks could be, I didn’t like the scratchy ones my mother had bought me as a child, so , I found my own. More comfy ones. Buy whatever works for you, I personally love “fuzzy socks” Soft wool knee highs and cashmere.

if you get your feet warm, it’s amazing how the rest of you warms up.

5. Give cold rough foods a break, favor heavier grounding foods:

In the Ayurvedic scheme of things, Winter represents the Vata dosha, cool, dry, cold, breezes and weather, may build up an excess of Vata in your system, you need to seek foods that will ground you and warm you, so cut back on cold salads and roughage, in favor of steamed greens drizzled with olive oil,warm rice and quinoa,roasted root veggies. or my personal fave Acorn Squash with Coconut butter and a touch of brown sugar! Eating lots of warm soups with plenty of veggies , also helps to get rid of excess Vata.

6. Honor your hibernating nature:

There is a definite reason that you feel more sluggish in the winter: your SUPPOSED TO! it’s true , Humans have the same tendency to want to hibernate in the winter as bears do! So why not honor that!

I know most of us are parents and that sleep is a rare luxury, but if you ever get that special chance, shut off the computer turn off your phone and go to bed early! or sneak in a little 15 minute cat nap now then.

7. Drink Hot Lemon Water:

To me personally, nothing feels better than a warm cup of water with lemon and a touch of honey  in the early morning when I first wake.

This simple drink gently wakes up the body and gets things “moving” for lack of a better term, it also moisturizes your insides and gets your stomach ready for digestion. It’s alkalizing ( meaning is calms acid in the stomach) and gets you ready to face the day, plus, if you have a big old mug first thing in the morning, you already logged 8 ounces of your recommended water intake for the day! How cool is that!

8. Eat more healthy oils:

Now is a great time to add more oils to your diet, whether it be cooking with them, or taking supplements, oils such as Fish oil and Krill oil can help get you that extra Omega fatty acid boost that you need and help to combat constipation which commonly comes in the drier months.

9. Spend less time running around and more time snuggling:

Winter is a great time to ramp up snuggling with your loved ones. I know I hate sitting still, but I try to relax and just sit down and enjoy reading to my child or lounging on my husband more than I normally would. In the summer it is just to hard when your always running at a rabbits pace. Enjoy winters naturally slow nature and take more time for family.

10. Practice Yoga

Winter can often bring stiffness to people with RA, Fibromayalgia, LUPUS and a variety of other health issues, Doing some gentle Yoga can help warm up and relax muscles. Feeling cold and achy? Why not bust out a few poses? Here is a great link to gentle exercises you can try.

Winter will not last forever my friends! But there is nothing that you can do about it, so if you have to put up with it, why not make yourself more comfy?

Warm Hugs



This time of year,


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