Does My Pixie Piss You Off?


Does my pixie cut piss you off? Are you seething with regret over why I cut my hair?
Funny I know, but you wouldn’t believe the reactions I have gotten since cutting it 9 months ago.
The funny part is, mostly women have commented on how they love it, but men….well that’s a different story. My husband thinks its cute and he likes it, I won’t say he LOVES it because that would be false.
But he loves me enough to know I am my own person and I will do what I want with my hair when I want, he has been with me nearly ten years, it’s not like my fascination with changing up my hair is anything new.

All that being said, I get some plainly rude comments from people, here are a few gems:
-Why did you cut your hair? When did you decide to cut? Do you regret cutting it?
( this was all asked within 5 minutes of first meeting the person who said it)
– Women should have long hair

giphy (1)

-I am surprised your husband let you cut your hair that short


 – I don’t like your hair that short

giphy (2)

-I don’t think i could ever cut my hair THAT short, I’d feel like a boy ( couldn’t decide whether that was a compliment or a dog in disguise)

giphy (3)

-Oh… your married…. I thought you swung the other way ( I actually wasn’t completely offended by this one)

giphy (4)

The point is, I am so very sorry if my Pixie cut offends you,really truly….. and please keep the ignorant comments coming, because honestly they crack me up.
If and when I do grow my hair longer, it will be on my terms not yours 🙂 I also suggest you get a life, maybe find a hobbie, because if my hair is the talking point of your day….well…..that that’s pretty sad actually lol
Love and pixie cuts!!!!


2 thoughts on “Does My Pixie Piss You Off?”

  1. I can relate to this quite a bit. It is crazy what people let out of their mouths… You haircut is absolutely fab. I am still over the moon with my mohawk!

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