DIY Homemade Slime


Quite some time ago I pinned a tutorial on how to make GAK/Slime, with basic household items. My son LOVES the slime you get in the vending machines at the store (who doesn’t, I used to love that stuff)

We recently decided to try making it, and it turned out really , really cool!

If you would like to make your own, here is what you will need:

2 bottles of glue , one Glitter and one clear or white glue

and equal amount of liquid starch, like Stay Flo or Linnit

Food coloring if you choose


Mix equal parts of glue and liquid starch togethor

Add a few drops of food coloring

Keep mixing until the mixture forms a gel like substance. Eventually it was stable enough for us to get our hands in there and mix it up even better with our hands.


This is what it will look like

( Hudson wanted yellow, but personally I think it looks just like snot lol)


Now dump it out onto a nonstick surface ( I used a plastic placemat) and

Stretch it


Squish it


Put it in a small bowl and blow in it to make fart noises.


The first time we were playing around with the straw, blowing into the bowl, this happened to our surprise lol (please disregard my cackle laugh)

Slime from Heather Joie on Vimeo.

The best part is, this stuff washes off super easy with water!

We played with it for about an hour or so, and he wanted to play with it again this morning before school lol….try it! Your kid will love it!




2 thoughts on “DIY Homemade Slime”

  1. That does look like so much fun. I am not sure though whether liquid starch is available here. I think I need to google and see whether there is Finnish recipe for this 🙂

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