How to Make an Easy Holiday Centerpiece!


Looking for an easy inexpensive way to spruce up your home for the holidays? Look no further!

Try this easy to make centerpiece :


You will need:
A wooden tray or box
( I used an old Hickory Farms Box i got for Christmas last year LOL)

A small jar of sample paint
1 Foam Brush
1 strand of either real or fake spruce greenery ( Dollar Store)
1 pack of cheap christmas bulbs ( I got mine from the dollar store)
2 Reindeer ornaments or 1 small reindeer statue ( or really anything christmasy you would like to put in the box)
1 glue gun and hot glue (optional if you need to help things to stay in place)
1 glass candle holder
1 candle

Now What:
First, you will need to paint the box, I chose a grey color

Once that is dry

Arrange your bulbs, greenery and ornaments

Place your candle holder and candle in the middle

…and WALA!!!!

You have a simple easy festive table centerpiece, to help bring warmth into your home.




This whole entire project cost me less than $7 dollars to make!





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