Christmas Worldwide (The Mormons!) 


Hey everyone! My name is Amanda and I blog over @ We&Serendipity. I have been good friends with Heather for quite a bit of time now and have seriously enjoyed getting to know her. We always have religious talks and I feel very privileged that she asked me to write about Christmas and how we celebrate it.

  1. Our beliefs are centered on the life, atonement, and ressurrection of Jesus Christ.


That being said, we find ways around the holiday season to have a Christ-centered life. One of the ways to let Christs spirit in during the holidays is to watch the Christmas devotional! Each year, the First Presidency of our church gives a Christmas Devotional. Each of the three Presidency members will give a brief talk about Christmas and the one and only Mormon Tabneracle Choir also performs beautiful music!

  1. We hold Christmas programs in our sacrament meeting.

Many times, we use music to convey messages. On the Sunday that is closest to Christmas, most wards will participate in a “Christmas program” that is usually a musical program. For me, since I am a HUGE music person, this is a definite way that I tend to feel the spirit and get in the “mood” for Christmas season.

  1. Temple Square

Though this isn’t a thing most members have the opportunity of doing, my husband and I strive to make it a tradition each year. The day after Thanksgiving, on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, the most gorgeous lights are on display for the Christmas season. It can become a little overwhelming, simply because we are walking on temple grounds, and the gorgeous lights are shining in every direction. It’s beautiful. And I absolutely love it.


  1. The Nativity Scene

I was really surprised when I got asked to play the harp at a Christmas party and learned that most religions don’t give much notice to nativity scenes around Christmas time. Obviously, it depends on the religion. On the other hand, if you look at my house or my moms house, you’ll see more than one nativity all around. It’s silly. Because at the moment, I am writing this on my couch. There is a nativity to my left, a nativity in front of me, adn a nativity to my right, on the top of my piano. They are EVERYWHERE. And many times, church members will get together and re-enact the nativity scene. It’s a beautiful reminder of the birth of Christ, and the drastic changes that took place because of Him.

Though there isn’t a set “tradition” the whole church takes part in, we do strive to put Christ in the center of our lives, and focus on his life and atonement. Though this might sound rather silly, it wasn’t until a few years ago that the true meaning of Christmas finally sank in. It’s not about the presents or the decor, or any of that nonsense! It’s about Christ. Purely, Christ. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and focus on what is truly important.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Worldwide (The Mormons!) ”

  1. Looks beautiful. For me this is first Christmas that the true meaning of CHRISTmas is opening for me. Not to the scale it should be but baby steps first…

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