Tired of resolutions? Try an AWESOMENESS Jar!


Well here we go again, a new year a new start. The slate is once again wiped clean and we can begin again.

With all that “newness” can come some underlying dread and frustration, this is mainly due to the fact that most people set them selves up for failure in the resolution department.

And really, it’s so easy to do, you have a bright shiny new year, a new chance to accomplish things you may not have done last year, so you go big and plan huge goals goals perhaps SO BIG….that no reasonable person can even attain them.

That’s when the dread seeps in, and the self doubt.By March you are ready to kick all your goals to the curb and beat yourself up for not accomplishing them.

Instead, this year, I am making an Awesomeness jar.

Here is how it works:

Take one lonely mason jar

Grab your craft supplies (glitter/stickers/markers/paint) pretty much anything that you would like.

Decorate your jar

Make it uniquely you

Put phrases and quotes on it that resonate with you

Set the jar in a common area of your home

Throughout the year, every time you accomplish something write it down and stick it in the jar

Accomplishments do not have any certain definition, they can be whatever YOU deem an accomplishment.

Write down the things that happened that YOU thought were AWESOME, even little things count.

On Dec 31st. dump them all out and read them, it’s a great way to see all the fun and wonderful things that happened throughout the year.

It also takes all the pressure off of keeping resolutions.

Lazy? Not much of a crafter? No problem! I have created two labels for you to use, below, they are already pre sized for a large mason jar, just print them out šŸ™‚


Click Here

2014 (1)

Click Here

Enjoy!!!! And here is to an AWESOME New Year!!




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