Throwback Thursday:20 Ideas for keeping kids busy over the long winter….

This post was originally published in 2013, but I am re-posting it for those who need ideas!

20 Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy Over the Long Winter


The holidays are great, lots of fun, lots of family and food…..but after that’s all over, the harsh reality of winter starts to settle in,and those of us with kids, are left with overstimulated BORED little minds to occupy until the spring weather comes again.

Here is a list I complied of some of the fun things that we like to do, when it’s to cold to play outside and too nasty to go anywhere.

  1. Bake together,most kids love to bake, doesn’t have to be anything fancy, maybe try out a cookie?
  2. Play hide and seek, we do this and our dog joins in, he is a very good search and rescue pup.
  3. Have them help you clean, most children love to help out, and they can do something as simple as dusting.
  4. Indoor “snowball” fight, use balled up socks ( clean please) or fake indoor “snowballs” build “fox holes” out of pieces of furniture to hide behind.
  5. Make an entire city of out of milk cartons and paper towel tubes, last year we made a little city with ramps for my sons cars, didn’t last real long but we had a good time making it.
  6. Make and play the Blues Clues Game, we still play this once and awhile.
  7. 7.Do yoga or and exercise video together,my son and I love to get out the yoga mat and do a few poses, he makes a game out of it, I show him a pose and he tries it, then he shows me a pose (that me makes up) and I have to try to do it.
  8. Have an impromptu dance party! last year we were rocking Gangnam Style and maroon Five, in the living room, seeing who could dance better, or better yet bring up the videos for the songs on you tube and see who can best emulate the dance moves.
  9. Make a card or drawing for a family member ( now would be a good time to get out those bits and pieces of scrap booking supplies and put them to good use)
  10. Make homemade play-dough together.
  11. .Do a video or audio tape of you asking your child some questions, these are fun to do, because their answers can be hilarious.
  12. Have a funny photoshoot, let them be the model and wear whatever props they want.
  13.  Let them dress YOU up, let them “do your hair” or put your makeup on.
  14. Make egg carton caterpillars, or aliens or whatever else you can come up with! Just grab some pipe cleaners,some empty egg cartons and paint and your good to go!
  15. Read to your child,( be really animated and act out the story)
  16. Play indoor basketball or “throw the ball in the bucket”
  17. Take a nap ( fooled you…..pssshh a nap….what IS that?)
  18. Play I-Spy
  19. Built a couch cushion and blanket fort.
  20. Look through old photo albums( like to look through photos of when my mom and grandma were younger then have my son guess who everyone is)

I am the first person to admit that I DREAD this time of year, the stretch between winter and spring is just painfully long and arduous, but I try to make the best of it, when it’s the least bit warmer out, I’m outside playing in the snow,but when you just cannot go outside and it’s too yucky out to drive,you gotta have a backup plan, especially with little ones.

So have fun,and enjoy this time together,and before you know it summer will be calling us outside to come play 🙂


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday:20 Ideas for keeping kids busy over the long winter….”

  1. Great ideas. I am such a rubbish mum and so tired at the moment so I just let him play Lego Batman video game…it does develop some sort of co-ordination (or that is what I tell myself).,,

    1. Lol you know what? I let Hudson play his video games a lot too so don’t feel bad,but we do these things when he’s tired of his games,trust me ,video games are a moms Lifesaver!!!

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