Frugal Friday- Free Movie Streaming Sites

Frugal Friday

Welcome to Frugal Friday! Every Friday I will share with you ways to make your wallet a bit heavier!

This week, lets talk about Free movie streaming sites.

It’s winter, it’s cold, all you want to do at night is cuddle up on the couch and watch a good flick. Well put down that credit card! Before you pay for NetFlix, check out these two alternative options for getting your flick fix!

-You Tube

If you have a newer Blu Ray player, then you should have the ability to watch You Tube on your T.V Screen.

If you don’t ,no worries, you can also watch you tube from a laptop or even your phone!

You Tube has more movies than you would think,the only trouble is, finding ones that aren’t taken down is real tricky.

For example, I was able to find 101 Dalmatians, but yet Lady and The Tramp was pretty much impossible to find.

It’s worth a look though if you can find anything.

If you can’t…..try this next option.

Popcorn Time

A friend of mine introduced me to this recently and WOW WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE??

They have TONS of movies, it is super easy to use and best of all, it’s FREE!!!!

They also carry alot of movies as recent as 2014!

So instead of going out to the theater, save money, stay home, make some popcorn and watch movies free of charge.

Amazon Prime

I also wanted to note, in case some of you weren’t aware. if you have Amazon Prime, for shipping, you also have streaming content that is included with your membership.

I wouldn’t specifically pay for this, but if you happen to already have it for ordering on Amazon, then you also have the ability to stream movies there!

Your Welcome….




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