The power of Drusy

Ever since I was small, I was fascinated with crystals and their beauty. Over the years I alos learned of crystals true healing power. Today we focus on gorgeous mystical Drusy.


( Sun Bird Jewelry)


Used to heal exhaustion, low vitality, and fatigue; aids in meditation, visualization, and feeling secure.

Drusy occurs as thousands of tiny shimmering crystal points blanket the surface of a gemstone. This appearance of star dust creates a magical stunning effect. When titanium treated for enduring quality Drusy is called Flame Aura. It attracts and enhances the attributes of the gemstone that is its host or that it is paired with.

(Credited from here)

Perhaps I am so drawn to this gemstone, because with my depression, I at times have low vitality and fatigue.

I am a firm believer that you crave what you need.

Drusy is not only mystical and healing, it is gorgeous!! And comes in SO Many colors.


(Song Yee Designs)



Drusy also offers these benefits:

  • Amplifies the intensity of the stones it inhabits
  • Supplies strength and energy
  • Encourages clarity of mind
  • In meditation it stimulates the movement of the Kundalini to the crown chakra
  • Druzy is used for balancing all chakras

Do you have a favorite gemstone or crystal? Tell me about it below, and why you love it!




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