A Monday pep talk for you!

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At breakfast the other day, I had a friend ask me

“Heather, have you considered going to teacher training for yoga?”

The truth is, I have considered it, it is a big dream of mine, but as I told this friend,.

I don’t feel like I am physically ready for such a challenge, I am still battling myself in that regard.

I have almost zero core strength and very little arm strength, I really need to pump those two things up  before I tread into “teacher training territory” after all how can you teach something to others, when even you yourself aren’t great at it.

Then it occurred to me,I don’t need to be perfect at something to share it with others. All you really need is a deep passion for it, that passion will pull you through the rough patches, that passion is what keeps you going. And one day, all this work will pay off.

….Just quit doubting yourself, and start stepping up and believing in your self, put int he work, get it done and watch it grow!!! I wont give up, I can’t!! And I don’t want you to either, put yourself out there,get uncomfortable,explore, FEED your passion.

If you invest in yourself, then you really can’t go wrong. DO IT!!!!

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