goodbye for now…

As you may have noticed, I have been pretty absent lately. I felt I needed another break, to be honest this has been happening alot lately, and after some long hard thinking, overthinking. i have decided to shut this blog down for now.

Why? you may ask , well if you are interested , a few things.

In the time I have not posted, I have caught up on alot of reading, I am putting more of my time in spending it with my son and husband and less about thinking of what I will post next.

I have started a workout regimen and because of it I have lost a few pounds and just feel great, i have been able to accomplish some projects I have been wanting to work on. All the time I used before to pour into this blog, I have been using to do things that make me happy 🙂

I originally started this blog as a way to keep a story about my husband and our little family.

But over the years it has taken a different turn, and honestly I am having more fun making other real memories with the family, then worrying about posting here about it, i have facebook for that.

The Joie De Vivre name is not gone, please still follow me on twitter and Facebook 🙂 where I will still post inspiring messages.

I will leave this here for now. I will still be reading and commenting on all your wonderful blogs and reading from the sidelines. Good luck to you all!

Much Positive love




3 thoughts on “goodbye for now…”

  1. My thoughts exactly at the moment. Thinking it is farewell to my blog and more time with the family. I am so glad we are friends now on Facebook so can keep up wots new with you doll 🙂

  2. I love your site and everything about you Heather! While I shall miss your blog, I’m glad we’re friends on Facebook and I love seeing your pics on Instagram 🙂

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