Brand New (I’m back)

Hello friends. As I am sure you have noticed, I took about a two month hiatus from writing, and honestly I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come back.

Originally I set this blog up to be a place to share my family, and chronicle life as a young married couple and eventually parents.

But over the years I fell into a pattern of writing less about my life and more about lifestyle.

The pressure got to be too much ( posting daily, getting sponsors, feeling like I HAD to think of something interesting ect.) well all along, all I ever wanted to do was share the things in life that gave me joy.

I have had alot of time to clear my head and think about what I do and do not want to do. And this is definitely one thing that I would like to come back to.

As a family we are making so many memories right and, and there is so much I want to chronicle.

So that’s how it is going to be.

If you were a previous reader, then welcome back 🙂 and thanks for continuing to read.




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