T-Ball Time!!

This past Saturday, Hudson began his first t-ball season. It was so funny watching all those little kids running all over the place, playing with the dirt, running the wrong bases ect lol.

My husband got out and helped to show the kids how to play. Hudson was initially quite nervous about going because none of his friends are on the team, but once we got him there and suited up in his yellow team shirt and black and yellow hat adored with a hot rod, he was ready to play.

We laughed because my husband LOVES hot rods, so do I, it’s kind of our “thing” and the name of Hudsons team just happened to be “Hot Rods”.

Couldn’t be more perfect than that!

Telling me …”mommy take the picture quick, I have to get back to the game!”
Drink break!!
learning that outfielder catching stance
First time up to bat!
Run Hudson Run!!!
Having an “intense” post game conversation 🙂
Oh! BTW I also received this beautiful bouquet of dandelions this weekend 🙂

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