Things are not always what they appear!

As a mother, the one thing I have come to realize, is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I love to read through other mommy blogs and websites, and on occasion, I find myself in awe of their clean houses and seemingly perfect lives. The funny thing is, perception doesn’t always line up with reality. Here are some photos from my house on a typical day:

Perception ( btw that is not dirt lol just worn marks)
Reality….there is almost ALWAYS something on my kitchen floor, under the table, lately it has been Kinetic Sand, which if you have not had the JOY of having in your home…then you  my friend…have just not lived.
ohh look what we have here, a nice tidy sink!!
…and the sink is a far as the clean goes……..



If there is a table or flat surface anywhere in our house at any given time, I guarantee there is something there that is

NOT supposed to be.

Nothing makes me giddier than when I see a friend or another mother post a photo of her family and in the background you see a mess, Seriously, it just makes me so happy like “WOW I am so normal!!! I don’t have to always have to have my house spotless, because with as busy as we are, thats pretty much impossible.”

But keep this in mind when your perusing those perfect blogs with perfect familys and perfect family homes. They are just like us, And you better believe that some where out of the main frame of that picture is a huge messed just pushed aside.

And thats cool and its totally ok!




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