What’s in a car?

when I ask ,what’s in a car? I don’t mean actual items like , your purse, crumbled Cheerios in the back seat or even your gym bag that you never use ( although the intentions are always there). 

I am talking about the sentimental value of your vehicle. A lot of people lease and change cars about two times a year. But in my family, we buy our cars, which generally means a new car will see about ten years of wear and tear before we trade it in.

Recently, I traded in my beloved Lacrosse. I remember the day I bought it. The husband and I found it by accident when we weren’t even looking for a Buick. It was old stock, brand new, from the previous year, fully loaded floor model in bright sapphire blue! This car had everything, leather, retractable sunroof, 6 cd changer and car seats that would make you feel like you peed your pants on a cold day lol. It was my very first NEW car, and the dealership was going to knock 5 k off of it so they could move it. I was in heaven. 

Through the next ten years, that car carried me through a lot. 

It faithfully took us to the doctor when we found out we were pregnant, and to multiple rehab appointments when my hips gave out and I just wanted to have the baby already. It took me to the hospital the morning of my c section , nervous and nauseous. It took our new family home a week later, when We were, new proud scared shitless parents.

And let’s not forget all those drives in the metro parks to calm the baby.

It carried my worried anxious body every few days to go see my mother in the hospital. And then my broken heart back home the night she died.

It drove me to visit my ailing grandmother and a few weeks later when she passed away.

It was there for Hudson’s first day of school, and my first day in my new position at work. 

And two trips down to Tennessee for family vacations.

It was always there, always waiting. It was good to me and I was good to it.

But over the past few months, it began to show its age, a wheel bearing here, a brake pad there, rusting breaklines, broken air conditioning. Until one day in the middle of the road, it overheated and quit on me, a broken water pump. Three hundred dollars and a lot of thinking later, I realized it was time to let her go.


I had a harder time leaving this car than I had previous cars. This one was special.

My hubby ended up finding a beautiful new Impala for me, practically the same color, leather interior and a way huge moon roof. I am in love with it, and I know it will carry me through more important parts of my life , just as the one previously did.

After nearly five hours of negotiations, we got it for a mostly fair price( unfortunately with car dealers, I have learned that no one ever TRULY wins :/


But in the end I feel I came out pretty good 🙂

Here is to another ten years with a great car, I look forward to making new memories good and bad. 


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