Bubble Snakes!

We are usually running all over Gods green earth in the summer evenings, between t-ball and play dates and Birthdays ect. We rarely get the chance to just chill out at home.

Last night was one of those rare evenings we didn’t have any plans, so I made sure I was loaded with activities that we could try.

I had pinned a DIY for bubble snakes a few weeks ago and was hoping that it wouldn’t be a pinterest fail.

Much to my surprise it actually was pretty easy and really worked!


You can find out directions here:

We coudlnt really get the “rainbow effect” to happen but we sure did have fun blowing long snakes!!




Hudson also realized that if you take the sock off and just dip the open part of the cut bottle in the bubble solution, you get really BIG bubbles!


I have to give this project credit, it actually had him pretty excited and involved for at least an hour ( hey that’s record time in this house)

I love doing stuff like this with him, he just gets so excited!

Have fun!


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