Here we are again…..

Wow, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Looking back I can’t believe it has only been a year since my last post ( feels like at least 2). But I felt that it was time to come back, over the past several months I had this little nagging voice inside my head (find a place to write). I tried a traditional journal, and that didn’t work so well, mainly because I really hate the physical act of writing.(Blame modern technology).

So, why did I leave? Well at some point as my blog grew, I felt more and more pressured to give it a direction, did I want it to be a design blog? Fashion blog? DIY? I tried everything and while some ideas worked in the short term, nothing really had enough steam to take off.

So here is what Joie De Vivre is now, a personal blog, as it was always meant to be. I have chronicled me and my husbands life since we got married in 2007. This blog has seen everything. it is a living testament of my life.

I wanted to continue that tradition. So here I am, back again, stripped down and ready to share our lives adventures.if you read this blog, great! Thank you! If no one reads it, it’s fine, I am not after followers, I am just after keeping a ledger on my memories the good the bad and the crazy.

Thanks for being along on the ride!


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