Since last we spoke


Since last year, a lot has changed. Hudson is now 7 (almost 8).  And in March of 2016 we lost our beloved Starsky to cancer :(. That was a tough one for us all, Starsky was only 10 and still had so much life in him, we miss him every day. He was buried in the family pet cemetery with his favorite toys.

In June of 2016 we got another pup named Rocket ( aptly named for sure). rocket was obtained through a rescue called REAL Rottweilers.Much to our surprise……Rocket was not the Rot mix we thought he was, turns out he is mostly hound dog with a bit of Shepard and Dobie mixed in.


He is smaller than Starsky was, but solid as a rock and the biggest lover 🙂

My husbands business is in an upswing , which is wonderful and I started a side Business which is so far doing pretty well.

My dad moved out of my child hood home in January into a safer place, that was a rough one for me,I felt as though my whole foundation shifted. That was the house that made me, and now someone else lives there, but it stopped being home when my mother died, and the neighborhood was getting really bad. dad is in a much safer place now and I think we are all sleeping better at night now.

Also My father decided to sell his condo this year, as sad as I am about that, the upkeep was getting way too expensive, so expensive that when he offered it to us, even we didn’t want to take it. So this weekend we will make our final trip to the Gatlinburg TN area. Im sad but really excited to make some good memories, this is going to be a fabulous summer!


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